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K was sunk in and fell to the ocean floor 1, nautical miles northwest of Hawaii. It was a project that was not only very secretive but also one of the most expensive covert operations ever attempted by the CIA. After the K sank the Soviets spent weeks trying to find the sub but never succeeded.

The gave up and in July , the United States Navy began Operation Sand Dollar which was their own mission to find the sunken sub and photograph it. The Project was a monumental effort to create a tool that could reach three miles below the ocean's surface and pull the sub from primordial muck—in secret.

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Financed and built by Hughes and Global Marine under contract with the CIA, the ship created to pluck the sub from the ooze was a technological marvel. Two football fields in length and twenty-three stories high, the Hughes Glomar Explorer held in its hull a six- million -pound submersible "claw" for picking up sections of the submarine.

The project cost the U. The Jennifer Project revisits a fascinating period of high-level intrigue and invention that has remained unknown to many Americans. The US "Sea Spider" underwater acoustic-detection system for monitoring traffic throughout the entire Pacific recorded the sub's actual demise explosion of hydrogen fumes?

Incredible new US sonar-TV devices gave high-resolution 3-D pictures of the sub in its Stygian blackness, using soundwaves reconstituted as laser lightwaves, that were better pictures than those sent back from the moon by our astronauts.

The C. Its control device and "claw" for picking up the sub's sections weigh 6 million pounds!!

Project Azorian

It is the size of two football fields, 23 stories high, and is manned by a crew of people - H-U-G-E. It had to be financed and built in supersecrecy. After the successful recovery - and a leak to the press - the C.

Burleson's arguments show that this cover story is riddled with holes. What to do with the ship now is only one of the areas he opens up. Document 2: Memorandum of Conversation, February 7, , p. Jones, Rumsfeld. He said that he called Franklin D. Murphy, the chief executive officer of the Times-Mirror Company, which published the Times, but his call was to no avail.

The next afternoon, February 8, , it ran a story entitled "U.

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Document 3: Memorandum of Conversation, "[Jennifer? Secretary of Defense and former Director of Central Intelligence Schlesinger recommended acknowledging the "bare facts" because it was implausible to deny the story.

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DCI Colby, however, thought otherwise and his advice prevailed. Remembering that President Eisenhower's admission of the downed U-2 exacerbated the crisis, he suggested that confirming the story would put Moscow under "pressure to respond. Two books have been written about the project: Clyde W. See also Seymour Hersh, "C. Jeffrey T.

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'The Taking Of K-129': How The CIA Stole A Sunken Soviet Sub Off The Ocean Floor

Terms and conditions for use of materials found on this Web site. Site design by Jamie Noguchi. Government photo. A Soviet Golf class submarine, the type of ship that "Project Azorian" was trying to recover from the bottom of the Pacific. Photo used with permission of Federation of American Scientists.

Another view of the Glomar Explorer U. The Hughes Glomar Explorer U.

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